Kits4Kids International Madagascar

We believe every child can learn

About us

Kits4Kids International Madagascar is an English speaking private school owned and managed by a Malagasy citizen. It provides a stimulating and conductive environment for preschool and primary children, catering to their individual development and growth. Our curriculum is developmentally appropriate for individual children and aims at developing in each child a love for learning. Our school is equipped with age - appropriate materials, toys and learning corners such as French corner, Home corner, Library, Media center, Art & Craft center, Music center, Computer Lab and much more, providing children with the opportunities to learn cause and effect through concrete play. Our low student-teacher ratio allows our team of teachers to engage children with meaningful and constructive activities as well as favors a more individual approach to learning through active feedback with the children.


  • To love and respect self and others;
  • To create a positive learning environment;
  • To build a strong sense of self belief and a positive learning attitude;
  • To build a strong and active parental and community involvement.


A world with differences but without difficulties.


To help each individual in reaching their full potential and to go beyond education.


We believe every child can learn.


  • To give each child the opportunity to learn according to his/her learning style based on his/her developmental milestones;
  • To nurture each child to achieve a holistic development in terms of cognitive, physical, social and emotional skills;
  • To instill a love for learning in each of our children and teachers;
  • To equip continuously our team throughout the school year to ensure the efficiency and quality of the learning experience provided;
  • To raise up the next generation of leaders for our country.


Striving to become the preferred provider for quality education worldwide, we commit ourselves to provide high quality programs and a conducive learning environment.


Kits4Kids International Madagascar offers programs for toddlers (2 years old), nursery (3 and 4 years old), kinder (5 years old), primary programs (for children aged 6 and more), and seasonal classes (Saturday classes for children aged 3 to 7 years old). Programs such as Music, Drawing, Aikido, and Rollerblading are also available as extra curricular activities for all children (both enrolled and not enrolled with the school).


Located in the city area (Ivandry / Analamahitsy), our school is convenient and easy to be found. The immediate surroundings of the school are safe and quiet. 


Kits4Kids International Madagascar is made of a young, active and energetic team. Our team is continually trained throughout the year in diverse aspects of their jobs and tasks as well in their personal development.